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  • Hi thank you for your kindness all the time, but i think there’s one mistake in translation. „Ich bin aufgerect“ is not „im nervous“ but it means „im turned on (sexually)“.. sorry if i bothered you, but i would appreciate if you change it. Thanx all the time

    • Sorry, I don’t agree with you.

      „Ich bin erregt“ would be „I’m turned on“ in a sexual way. You _could_ translate „Ich bin aufgeregt“ also like this, but in this case it was clearly meant as „I’m nervous“. Yes, there was sexual tension, but in the whole context of it all, from someone who’s speaking german as their mother tongue, it’s really that they both were nervous about this situation.

    • „Aufgeregt“ in Germa is not a sexual term, it is a feeling somewhere between nervous and excited, when you want something to happen but are a little bit scared of it at the same time.

  • Thank you so much !! I had a little question, just before Matteo said that he’s nervous, I think David is saying something at 1:23, like he’s whispering something and they laugh, could you tell me what he’s saying please ? <3

  • Exactly like Peroma said! It has nothing to do with sex. „Nervous“ is the right translation. The word „aufgeregt“ means you are nervous about an impending event, and not just a little bit, but quite a bit. It means they‘re nervous, but excited, too, and their stomachs are full of butterflies. It doesn’t necessarily imply that you’re also excited, but often it does. You would say children are feeling „aufgeregt“ before their first day of school, or before Christmas, or you might feel „aufgeregt“ on the morning of starting your new We also use the word „nervös“, but it has a more fear-tinged meaning, more like anxious.

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