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  • I loved,the way they talk about what he thinks to do we’d he’s body in future ,the way friends supports them it’s a really good way to should the world the payn trangenders kids can experiment by a society that not accept them,I loved. Not forgetting the scary that must be to a gay boy assume there identity to the world ,I’m glad my kids are educated in a way that accepts all genders and support always LGBT.

  • I never thought I’d love a version more than Even & Isak. Ummm, WRONG! This whole relationship was so beautiful to watch unfold. Bravo to the Germans b/c y’all about killed me with this season. EVERYTHING about it was SO DAMN GOOD!! I wish we could have another season of David and Matteo. I can’t get enough of them. I’ve only watched three versions of Skam and there have been two actors out of those three versions who I truly feel have the talent and just that “je ne sais quoi” to become global stars. Michelangelo is no doubt the main one. He has everything it takes to make it! (I also think Tarjei is an incredible actor.)

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